Saturday, August 29, 2009


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TheDistant Impression


Steal a tone.
From the bell that toll,
The sound so that hen can lay.

New life sprung from a phenix,
A child, not of ash, but of clay;
the flesh of those lovers flame.

The like that merely flicker if left
a moment in the rain. That time which
seemed as though a century lasted. The kind
that brought you to your knees, and prayed for.
It's swiftly passing. To have to hold, to be so bold
As to ask, to gaze on the souls other half..

Familia Union

Subtle, the sweet.
Soft the hold.
Hand in hand... across waters...
to a future unknown.

Their love as pure, and solid as gold;
can stretch to span a sea or two;
can fold so not to unfold.

Lo and behold a tale in this.
Forged yet to be told, but whole.

Friday, August 7, 2009


கோம்ப்லேடே எச்ளிப்சே ஒப் எமொடிஒன்ஸ்
எக்ஸ்பண்டிங் ஷிபிடிங் அண்ட் இம்ப்லோடிங் ஒன் அபிடேர்
அனொதெர். டு ஹவே தி அபிளிட்டி டு எக்ஸ்பிரஸ் சுப்ஜெச்டிவேலி
தி போர்பிஇட் ஒப் யுவர் லவ் டு சொமேஒனே எல்ஸ் இஸ் அன் இமபோஸ்சிபிளிட்டி
வென் என்சௌண்டேரிங் எ சௌல் மேட், போர் தட் இம்ப்ளிஎஸ் தட் யு ஹவே எ தீப்
உண்டேர்ஷ்டண்டிங் ஒப் யூர் ஓர் எனி அதர் சுமன் சௌல்.லவ் இஸ் எ செபட இன் வ்திச் எவெரி வாவே
இஸ் அன் எமொடின் அண்ட் இட்ஸ் ஒப்போசிங் நடுரே ஆர் தௌரிச்த்ஸ் ஒன இட்ஸ் பெஅசெஸ். தி டென்சிட்டி ஒப் இட்ஸ் வாடேர்ஸ் கேன் கீப்
யு அபோவே தேம வித் தி பவர் ஒப் ஒன்ஸ் வில் அண்ட் காம்பின் எபிபிஒர்ட்.
a complete eclipse of emotions
expanding shifting and imploding one after
another. To have the ability to express subjectively
the forfeit of your love to someone else is an impossibility
when encountering a soul mate, for that implies that you have a deep
understanding of yours or any other human is a sea in which every wave is an emotion and its opposing nature are tourists on its beaches. the density of its waters can keep
you above them with the power of ones will and combine effort.
லே தேரர் அண்ட் இட்ஸ் பிரெஷ் வாடேர்ஸ் அவைத் யுவர் சில்றேன் இப் யுவர் பிரேபாரே தேம போர் தி பத இன் வ்திச் யு ஹவே எட் டு சி ஓர் டிச்டிங்குஇஷ்.

தி சகி இஸ் தி அவே, தி வோண்டேர் ஒப் வாட் குலத் ஹவே பீன். ஹவே ஆல் தி பிரீடோம் டு கழே இந்தோ இட், இட் இஸ் நாட் போர்பிட்டேன். அட் நைட் தி ஸ்டார்ஸ் ஆர் விசிப்லே அண்ட் பாண்டசிஎஸ் மச் ச்லேஅறேர் அண்டர் தி சாடே ஒப் lune
le Terre and its fresh waters await your children
if your prepare them
for the path in which you have yet to see or distinguish.
the sky is the Awe, the wonder of what could have been.
ஒன் has all the freedom to gaze into it, it is not forbidden.
at night the stars are visible and fantasies much clearer under the shade of a மூன்.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


beautiful within and without
light cannot exists or permeate.
par rousing on the very verge of
possibility what a created mind can
grasp for its soul. losing is nothing
not even but just to imagine without
knowledge sprang forth from an eternity
the gift of a blue marble after falling from the skies.
withheld now the sight of his majesty's most magnificent
collection the cannot be so judge but merely unanimously agreed upon.
emotional crush
toxique grown to my head
you wouldn't believe the things
I've seen how long I've been before
the butter on your bread. slowly now
crawling moment is barley visible, and for
want but need we march past, later than later,
quite soon; our black flags. Justice is on the rise,
discourse is now the drawn, and to the slaughter
home shall be theirs, truly. bruised and battered they
go back to the ones they know they hold the key for
what's locked in the lies, and no ones told the code before.


This toxin for the heart
distilled, but naturally
decanted by emotion, thither with
a forthcoming air of praises deserving of
such misunderstand; and understanding is that is
that in it self, to be sure of an uncertainty having been told
of the certain. affection
this toxin for the heart
distilled but naturally
decanted by emotion, thither with
a forthcoming air of praises deserving of
such misunderstand, and understanding is that is
that in it self, to be sure of an uncertainty having been told
of the certain.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


shameless shell of gluttony
fruit of false knowledge

procreate. Nestle the house of the seed you've
produced. let them blossom like the weeds of manic.
a drop of its nectar will make you question all that you
know, and leave you pandering conclusively, how to abstain
more. more of itself, as those you need but 5-7 my maker said
what means; deny truth around every corner, and replace it with
something entirely without mass, so that when the time comes, there
isn't but a leg to stand on. Prostrate.

Friday, May 29, 2009

љубав писмо.ที่เพลงยาวप्रेम पत्रτοραβασάκι


Mon amor, I am held embracing thing
visage of your gorgeous, and the smile that
mirrors holy light, the type that radiates all but
to the heavens. &as the sweetest melody, with every glance,
the sun arose from my chest in spires to prostrate ye
upon sighting them. I see not but feel the lush of tips

grown quite familiar to me. i can take pleasure
.in this.

l'amour est
kærlighed er


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

פִּירָט[]el rey

dans votre terre

take what you can
give nothin back. drink
eat, waste, contaminate
awesome...with less awesome.
In my day, i was a Monster...look
at you now, child of; but wait, you
speak of valor from a table upholding
a scroll, "devil's dictionary". unshaped
down size, that wld be. the ego.


i am
sadness does not really faze me..
U can only do so much. i care.alot


et cette merde de terre,

cane. ma.
Not yet, so for now, i protest.
Of me here a vintage portrait of
a capture.
Ancestor, my culture has you
to thank wld be understated thus

portray me as you will,
a moment such as soon to fade
into the dust, at your choice of word.
my, your misunderstood enemy, i am not that.
which lies you have told to keep trou' taunt on [-]ip.
call me me more by that number, of that coven who holds
you baby maker. so tight i feel neither spine nor tongue enough
to hold steady, rock side to side instead; mesmerized by the sound
of your in the very near future demise, suppress recording. not that
you shall have a need or want to remedy, your sins to confront.
most are comfortable drowning in the warm bath of their own dirt.
until they feel the bitter gilt of the cold. in need of a winter. ice clears the air.
vastu vaidlema

Saturday, May 23, 2009


indecision was all that grasped my attention, so
far as my lids stay opened behind the mirror of fortune.
I could only see.

Heard nothing as the banter of a silent room growled in my
temple, massaging the epicenter of her own voice. mother.
Where have you been all my life.

Quest for the children of valor, none of which had rights to bare.
They chose to show their love in the form of fear, right from wrong;
What an illusion it must be for you to see me, mounted on pedestal.

Posed in a daze of these purple hazes blown from side to side
Wallowed the the hollow of the trundle tree, blessed it may have been.
I tried preying even for something like a forgiving tone in the ether, beg
if you may, it said there was nothing in my head to be found.
so there i stayed..
With a declining whimper.

Obviously, i said i can't. no longer do I have have that quaint sensation.
A mist a moth, ignite into black flame and spread like wild weeds. there
again, may that purple should be violent, proper proper if you thieve to name it.
Plucked from the sea of my own vanity, the colors of light, ash, oblique to all else.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Minimal Index

  • डिप्रेशन,
  • ಲೋನೆಲಿನೆಸ್ಸ್,
  • லைப் அண்ட் தேஅத்
start with life: dark, messy,
trying on different identities to find the real you,

ends in light bright white, simple , clean death.

there is no life in some thing that is clean, simple.

express loneliness and depression on the paper

disorder is mentally fascinating and interesting,

Your life if played back, may portray only the very core of contrast,
between one's extremities.
Lies beneath a vase meadow of false promises.
to myself i told
Not to, don't, worry. &all at once it came crashing up from under me.
my belly swell with the wave, one after the next. their must be darkness after light.
There must be darkness after light passed through this vision you call reality,
to take
such a short stake less seriously than the long, in to know not what is at hand.
forbade is
the sustainable of love
to he that bare no truth to his felicities.
take your two steps back,

over the pare around the way,
beyond the far beyond;
can you see the star that is I,
named so
for his deep sorrow of the since deceased delusion.

Naive takes no names and hears every short
in the voices of "them" and "they". Them once were they,
and they used them to take whatever it was they wanted,
needed abashment, redone in eccentricities sparing nor
mercy nor

All shall be cut down in the name of might and ambition.
Hail "freedom" cry for the king to live on.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Children of Valor, we don't cry,
Are tears of joy, hide the scar of life.
These upward spherical pendulous zoom by.
What was day light once, when we use two
Ride down the street, and at the tops of,
Are lungs screaming for less and more, at the same time[2]
Are bodies blown with the breeze, in a direction unforgivable,
so that we cannot cling, two, but for one, another.

I was waiting for you...
to say hello but you said goodbye
& now I'm standing all alone,
Won't you
Take a walk with my mind.
Stand by my side.
I have never found a light, so pure that it might
Burn my sight, of future
being lost now, forever longing
To stay behind.
Darkness gathers her by the loot,
dotty pots of dawn.
Golden kisses
You left me one,
By one and losing still. Lost.
Where has my pride
Gone, and left me like the sun.
Now it's darkest night. and nothing glows
Within this light.
Street, i stand, here alone, not but am, not but want in.