Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Children of Valor, we don't cry,
Are tears of joy, hide the scar of life.
These upward spherical pendulous zoom by.
What was day light once, when we use two
Ride down the street, and at the tops of,
Are lungs screaming for less and more, at the same time[2]
Are bodies blown with the breeze, in a direction unforgivable,
so that we cannot cling, two, but for one, another.

I was waiting for you...
to say hello but you said goodbye
& now I'm standing all alone,
Won't you
Take a walk with my mind.
Stand by my side.
I have never found a light, so pure that it might
Burn my sight, of future
being lost now, forever longing
To stay behind.
Darkness gathers her by the loot,
dotty pots of dawn.
Golden kisses
You left me one,
By one and losing still. Lost.
Where has my pride
Gone, and left me like the sun.
Now it's darkest night. and nothing glows
Within this light.
Street, i stand, here alone, not but am, not but want in.


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