Friday, May 22, 2009

Minimal Index

  • डिप्रेशन,
  • ಲೋನೆಲಿನೆಸ್ಸ್,
  • லைப் அண்ட் தேஅத்
start with life: dark, messy,
trying on different identities to find the real you,

ends in light bright white, simple , clean death.

there is no life in some thing that is clean, simple.

express loneliness and depression on the paper

disorder is mentally fascinating and interesting,

Your life if played back, may portray only the very core of contrast,
between one's extremities.
Lies beneath a vase meadow of false promises.
to myself i told
Not to, don't, worry. &all at once it came crashing up from under me.
my belly swell with the wave, one after the next. their must be darkness after light.
There must be darkness after light passed through this vision you call reality,
to take
such a short stake less seriously than the long, in to know not what is at hand.
forbade is
the sustainable of love
to he that bare no truth to his felicities.
take your two steps back,

over the pare around the way,
beyond the far beyond;
can you see the star that is I,
named so
for his deep sorrow of the since deceased delusion.

Naive takes no names and hears every short
in the voices of "them" and "they". Them once were they,
and they used them to take whatever it was they wanted,
needed abashment, redone in eccentricities sparing nor
mercy nor

All shall be cut down in the name of might and ambition.
Hail "freedom" cry for the king to live on.

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