Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I know I love you
& it's torn me up in side.
Yes it breaks my heart to say this.
But I believe our love has died.

All my life I've wanted something,
You're not quite what I had in mind.
Opportunity is my misfortune,
But I took and and now I'm left to cry.

So I won't be there to dry your tears this time girl.
I was never my intention to hold on.
But I feel like my life is on the line.
Choosing me over you shouldn't be a crime.

I'm so choked up I can't seem to get a hold of my breath.
In the cold air you see my words as they exit my chest
You know, I never meant to cause you pain, & I
Hope I never have to see you again.

I hate the way you stare
When there is nothing there.
You act like you can see right through me.
But you can't even see two feet into yourself.

I am and American.
But I like my European girl all the same.
The ones who wear those bows and pearls.
Yes they gain my attention. The details to mention.
But never again will I be open to feel the same.

I'm so choked up I can't seem to get a hold of my breath.
In the cold air you see my words as they exit my chest
You know, I never meant to cause you pain, & I
Hope I never have to see you again.

Paris, Spain, back again.
Italy relax me.
I'm coming home soon.
Under a new moon & the red son.

!Love Love Love
Hurts So Much
In My Dreams
Feel Your Touch
See Your Lips
Cannot Blush!

Monday, December 6, 2010

«Restitutions» de la Rébellion

I see the wars in the world today,
to me it's nothing new.

In all the prejudice you have to pay,
more close attention to.

What your leaders are trying to accomplish,
and where that power leads them to.

Cause in the end we're only humans,
but you can't always use it as an excuse.

Excuse my mind, Excuse my temper.
&Throughout time, so that you'd remember.

What's right from wrong,
Look how far we've drawn.
Further from that desert.

Yet still stranded we seem to this day.
It was a walk to remember.

But at last our memories fade away, Oh Lord!
I can this feeling that something is about to happen.
Maybe in just a few years time.
Oh we'll be living another rapture.

From dark to light, the truth will shine again.
The darker the times, it'll easy your mind for them.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Song of the Great Whale

That creature of misfortune.

how fortunate for it, its will

may surpass the memories

of the once prominent love

of gazing onto the name of

destruction. foreboding, that

melodic stir of the deep. beneath

my feet a tremendous force, igniting

stone to sunder. wave after wave, we

reply with our insolent futilely prepared

query, a cry for help guided by a disillusion

that compassion of mercy exists within such

mountainous terror. Look onto they eye, and

reflect the mighty eclipse of you. Your moment

is temporary, and you light is dimming as mine

will forge on for just a few more moments. who

can experience immense suffering without hatred.

Yet you retain love like the pure libation, the sustainer of life. 

Like dust in the wind we blow,

clinging to misfortune although misery is the savior of all.

Floating past windows of opportunity with a short smile of the eyes,

as this has been and we have sanctimoniously  fashion or bodies as merely

voiceless vessels for light to permeate.

a dream of who will stand and who will fall,

and who will be carried on the back of  the beast.

Oh ye who has spouted golden lies and omitted betrayals beyond the stars recognition.

Look on to me, for i march the beat of a different drum.

I answer not to the tole of your victims, infants.

A brand of justice of which the tenacity of the blade wield by it

induce tears of rube hue, and frees one to envision the whole spectrum of darkness. 

low and behold the demise of terrine on this day.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


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TheDistant Impression


Steal a tone.
From the bell that toll,
The sound so that hen can lay.

New life sprung from a phenix,
A child, not of ash, but of clay;
the flesh of those lovers flame.

The like that merely flicker if left
a moment in the rain. That time which
seemed as though a century lasted. The kind
that brought you to your knees, and prayed for.
It's swiftly passing. To have to hold, to be so bold
As to ask, to gaze on the souls other half..

Familia Union

Subtle, the sweet.
Soft the hold.
Hand in hand... across waters...
to a future unknown.

Their love as pure, and solid as gold;
can stretch to span a sea or two;
can fold so not to unfold.

Lo and behold a tale in this.
Forged yet to be told, but whole.

Friday, August 7, 2009


கோம்ப்லேடே எச்ளிப்சே ஒப் எமொடிஒன்ஸ்
எக்ஸ்பண்டிங் ஷிபிடிங் அண்ட் இம்ப்லோடிங் ஒன் அபிடேர்
அனொதெர். டு ஹவே தி அபிளிட்டி டு எக்ஸ்பிரஸ் சுப்ஜெச்டிவேலி
தி போர்பிஇட் ஒப் யுவர் லவ் டு சொமேஒனே எல்ஸ் இஸ் அன் இமபோஸ்சிபிளிட்டி
வென் என்சௌண்டேரிங் எ சௌல் மேட், போர் தட் இம்ப்ளிஎஸ் தட் யு ஹவே எ தீப்
உண்டேர்ஷ்டண்டிங் ஒப் யூர் ஓர் எனி அதர் சுமன் சௌல்.லவ் இஸ் எ செபட இன் வ்திச் எவெரி வாவே
இஸ் அன் எமொடின் அண்ட் இட்ஸ் ஒப்போசிங் நடுரே ஆர் தௌரிச்த்ஸ் ஒன இட்ஸ் பெஅசெஸ். தி டென்சிட்டி ஒப் இட்ஸ் வாடேர்ஸ் கேன் கீப்
யு அபோவே தேம வித் தி பவர் ஒப் ஒன்ஸ் வில் அண்ட் காம்பின் எபிபிஒர்ட்.
a complete eclipse of emotions
expanding shifting and imploding one after
another. To have the ability to express subjectively
the forfeit of your love to someone else is an impossibility
when encountering a soul mate, for that implies that you have a deep
understanding of yours or any other human is a sea in which every wave is an emotion and its opposing nature are tourists on its beaches. the density of its waters can keep
you above them with the power of ones will and combine effort.
லே தேரர் அண்ட் இட்ஸ் பிரெஷ் வாடேர்ஸ் அவைத் யுவர் சில்றேன் இப் யுவர் பிரேபாரே தேம போர் தி பத இன் வ்திச் யு ஹவே எட் டு சி ஓர் டிச்டிங்குஇஷ்.

தி சகி இஸ் தி அவே, தி வோண்டேர் ஒப் வாட் குலத் ஹவே பீன். ஹவே ஆல் தி பிரீடோம் டு கழே இந்தோ இட், இட் இஸ் நாட் போர்பிட்டேன். அட் நைட் தி ஸ்டார்ஸ் ஆர் விசிப்லே அண்ட் பாண்டசிஎஸ் மச் ச்லேஅறேர் அண்டர் தி சாடே ஒப் lune
le Terre and its fresh waters await your children
if your prepare them
for the path in which you have yet to see or distinguish.
the sky is the Awe, the wonder of what could have been.
ஒன் has all the freedom to gaze into it, it is not forbidden.
at night the stars are visible and fantasies much clearer under the shade of a மூன்.