Monday, December 6, 2010

«Restitutions» de la Rébellion

I see the wars in the world today,
to me it's nothing new.

In all the prejudice you have to pay,
more close attention to.

What your leaders are trying to accomplish,
and where that power leads them to.

Cause in the end we're only humans,
but you can't always use it as an excuse.

Excuse my mind, Excuse my temper.
&Throughout time, so that you'd remember.

What's right from wrong,
Look how far we've drawn.
Further from that desert.

Yet still stranded we seem to this day.
It was a walk to remember.

But at last our memories fade away, Oh Lord!
I can this feeling that something is about to happen.
Maybe in just a few years time.
Oh we'll be living another rapture.

From dark to light, the truth will shine again.
The darker the times, it'll easy your mind for them.

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